What’s In The Rotation…6/18/07

I often get asked, what is in my rotation.  So I decided to drop a quick list of what I’ve been listening to the past week.  Since there have not been too many releases I’ve been impressed with as of late, I’ve gone back to some not so recent drops…

  1. Nomumbah – Love Moves
    This Brazilian group has been brought to the forefront by Osunlade and let me tell you, I listen to this from beginning to end.  It dropped back in late 2006 and I got my hands on in February.  It was my calming while in Miami during WMC and it has become a wonderful Spring/Summer soundtrack.  Trust me you MUST HAVE this cd. 
    Favs: Ela, Dandaula, Tu Que Voca Podia Ser
  2. Blue Six – Aquarian Angel
    Finally another Blue Six LP. I was thinking maybe Naked Music has lost their edge and it won’t be the same.  I’d have to listen to the older LPs and play back some of my favorite memories of their music in my head.  Well I was in for a plesant suprise.  It’s sexy, loungy (yes I made that up)  and much needed. THANK U JAY DENES!  Aquarian Angel is no Beautiful Tomorrow but sufficed its need to be only what a Blue Six LP can be.  Once again Aya & Lisa Shaw blessed the tracks provided by Jay with their sensual and sometimes mumbly voices. Cathlene Russell has an amazing appereance with my favorite track, “Half Life” with the same intrigue she left on the last LP with “All I Need”.  The Tropicalia promo got a lot of play in my personal rotation. This is the perfect summer night cruising CD…another naked must have…
    Favs: Tropicalia, Half Light, Here I Come
  3. Since I am in a Naked Music mood, I had to make a dash one late night a few weeks back and I pulled out the Aquanote playlist.  To my suprise, this LP still demands the same respect it did in 2002.  If you have never taken a moment to listen to “The Pearl” it is a much needed purchase in your music library.  It touches the soulful side of Naked Music and you get to hear the early vocals from Monique Bingham and Lisa Shaw.
    Favs: The Last One, Heartbreaker, All Over You
  4. Sunday driving can be random at best when it comes to me. I, for some unknown reason, decided to throw in a Janet cd and jam.  I actually forgot how much I loved the “All For You” cd.  What really caught my attention  was the very last track, so it has to get some attention because I think we all have those moments when we feel like giving up.  I think Ms. J conveyed her message quiet well in this song and it’ll always be a gem in my book… “Better Days”.
  5. While all of us are awaiting a new Tortured Soul cd, I have always explored the remixes by Spinna and others on thier already amazing live house music. While I may laugh a time or two at the lyrics, the music is some of the best I’ve heard in a while.  So I chanced on listening to “Introducing Tortured Soul” and I wondered if this was one of those “let’s record this in one session” cds.  It ended up being one of my favorites in 2005/2006.  The one song that I keep in my rotation over and over is “Epic”.  I enjoy the CD but I love to see them live.  If you have never seen them, please be advised!! They will have you dancing from start to finish….