Officially Live!

…the truth is, the site has been live since February and I’ve been toying with a few ideas.  I’d rather just get it out there now and watch it grow.

What have I been doing?! A lot! I know that’s vague but at this point, I do not know where to start.  Don’t worry, Deep Soul Sessions still has a lot left in the tank.  I promise to follow up this evening with my Memorial Day Mix.  In the meantime, I’ve been toying with ideas to make this site more than just a Podcast Portal.  The plan is to make the site more interactive.

Deeper Soul Sessions!!
The idea came from listening to Osunlade’s Yoruba Radio podcast.  He went to his crates and dropped some amazing blends of music outside of what we are use to hearing from him.  I have a few personal mixes and/or creative playlists that I’d like to share that are outside of the normal house mixes and they will be displayed on this site as well. I am excited about sharing.  If you have any suggestions, please share.  I did one about a year ago which was quite suggestive but it’s for the Grown & Sexy.

Uh click here…

I will not be responsible for anything!! Oh do not blast at work…. not work safe! lol

Deeper Soul Sessions will not be on that level but it’ll flow. 🙂

I am exciting about sharing this with everyone…. until then, please share your feedback!! Enjoy the “What’s In My Rotation” post along with the “Flashback Mixes”…


2 comments on Officially Live!

  1. Queen says:

    ‘Uh click here’…that’s my girl!!! I learned PLENTY of the kinky shit I know off of you saying ‘uh’! Make it do what it do baby!!

  2. Now that you’ve brought that sexy deep groove thang back
    I may be able to stop acting like such a jerk

    Bless you

    Nina Mo

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