Deep Soul Sessions – Nuff Said

Finally as promised the new installment of Deep Soul Sessions. I am going to let the music do the talking on this one 🙂 But as promised, here is the tracklisting for this podcast:

Tudo Que Voca Podia Ser – Nomumbah
Praise The Day – Malena Perez
On My Heart (Original Mix) – Isoul8
You belong to me (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix) – Kenny Bobien
Leela James – my joy (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix)
Mozalounge – Louie Vega Feat Anane
Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo (Louie Vega EOL Mix) Luisito Quintero
Elements Of Life (Quintero Beats) – Louie Vega Feat. Blaze
Amazing Love (Roots Mix) – Louie Vega Pres Anane
Find The Way (Main Vocal Mix) – Ethan White & Lisa Shaw
Blue On Black EP (Central Souls) – Office Gossip
If You Only (Rasmus Faber Remix) – Chieko Kinbara
Sandboy and Nanar (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Night Song EP
Mesmerized (Alix Alvarez Dub Mix) – Miguel Migs
Love Can Damage Your Health (Abicah Soul & Dennis Ferrer Remix) – Telepopmusik
Dont (CASAMENA Remixes) (Backyard Remix) – Monday Michiru

You can download the podcast from this link by right clicking it and saving the mp3 file or just clicking it will allow you to stream the file online. Listen and send feedback!

Deep Soul Sessions – Nuff Said

7 comments on Deep Soul Sessions – Nuff Said

  1. Periwinkle Bubbles says:

    Thank you Nina Mo-st wonderful

  2. nbutterfly says:

    Flyy nusic indeed..Thank You very much 🙂

  3. Saskwatch says:

    Yo twin, this show was off the damn chain. You killed it. I am so proud of you. ‘Nuff respect due!

  4. Aureyba (South Africa) says:

    hi Nina.This is a great set.keep up the good work.i hope there is more where these came from.i’ll keep listening.:)

  5. Pamela says:

    Ms. Nina Girl I like your mixes, but can you change it up a bit. I mean you keep using the same artist on all your mixes over and over again. Ms. Nina Girl can you make a house mix without using neo-soul remixes or songs/remixes/artists by Louie Vega, Franck Roger, Quentin Harris, Rasmus Faber, Phil Asher, & Osunlade? I’m not trying to be a bitch but uh can you give your girl a diffrent flava. My girl hipped me to this site, she said Ms. Nina does some fiyah house mixes, but i’m bored girl.

  6. Ethan White says:

    Thank you for including “Find The Way” Nina, great site too!


  7. Asmith says:

    The fly lady in the D!!

    Just giving you a shout mami. Much love to you…back in Florida for moms and getting acclimated. Thanks for your kind words!!

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