Dedication Podcast – Deep Soul Sessions

In the past I have dropped a straight hour or two of [tag]podcasts[/tag] featuring some of my favorite DJs/Producers:

[tag]Louie Vega[/tag]
[tag]Franck Rogers[/tag]
[tag]Quentin Harris[/tag]
[tag]Rasmus Faber[/tag]

I’ve also been awarded a few new listeners who send a host of requests, I want to know, who would you like to see showcased?  The highest number of votes will get an ultimate [tag]Deep Soul Sessions[/tag] throwdown.

Coming up next, “NUFF SAID”… the [tag]Deep Soul Sessions[/tag] long lost mix that I originally started as the Quentin Harris showcase.  I ended up doing it again but with a whole new first hour playlist, which is what you got as the “Memorial Day Madness” mix.  This one is right out of the gate bangin….


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