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What’s In The Rotation…6/18/07

I often get asked, what is in my rotation.  So I decided to drop a quick list of what I’ve been listening to the past week.  Since there have not been too many releases I’ve been impressed with as of late, I’ve gone back to some not so recent drops…

  1. Nomumbah – Love Moves
    This Brazilian group has been brought to the forefront by Osunlade and let me tell you, I listen to this from beginning to end.  It dropped back in late 2006 and I got my hands on in February.  It was my calming while in Miami during WMC and it has become a wonderful Spring/Summer soundtrack.  Trust me you MUST HAVE this cd. 
    Favs: Ela, Dandaula, Tu Que Voca Podia Ser
  2. Blue Six – Aquarian Angel
    Finally another Blue Six LP. I was thinking maybe Naked Music has lost their edge and it won’t be the same.  I’d have to listen to the older LPs and play back some of my favorite memories of their music in my head.  Well I was in for a plesant suprise.  It’s sexy, loungy (yes I made that up)  and much needed. THANK U JAY DENES!  Aquarian Angel is no Beautiful Tomorrow but sufficed its need to be only what a Blue Six LP can be.  Once again Aya & Lisa Shaw blessed the tracks provided by Jay with their sensual and sometimes mumbly voices. Cathlene Russell has an amazing appereance with my favorite track, “Half Life” with the same intrigue she left on the last LP with “All I Need”.  The Tropicalia promo got a lot of play in my personal rotation. This is the perfect summer night cruising CD…another naked must have…
    Favs: Tropicalia, Half Light, Here I Come
  3. Since I am in a Naked Music mood, I had to make a dash one late night a few weeks back and I pulled out the Aquanote playlist.  To my suprise, this LP still demands the same respect it did in 2002.  If you have never taken a moment to listen to “The Pearl” it is a much needed purchase in your music library.  It touches the soulful side of Naked Music and you get to hear the early vocals from Monique Bingham and Lisa Shaw.
    Favs: The Last One, Heartbreaker, All Over You
  4. Sunday driving can be random at best when it comes to me. I, for some unknown reason, decided to throw in a Janet cd and jam.  I actually forgot how much I loved the “All For You” cd.  What really caught my attention  was the very last track, so it has to get some attention because I think we all have those moments when we feel like giving up.  I think Ms. J conveyed her message quiet well in this song and it’ll always be a gem in my book… “Better Days”.
  5. While all of us are awaiting a new Tortured Soul cd, I have always explored the remixes by Spinna and others on thier already amazing live house music. While I may laugh a time or two at the lyrics, the music is some of the best I’ve heard in a while.  So I chanced on listening to “Introducing Tortured Soul” and I wondered if this was one of those “let’s record this in one session” cds.  It ended up being one of my favorites in 2005/2006.  The one song that I keep in my rotation over and over is “Epic”.  I enjoy the CD but I love to see them live.  If you have never seen them, please be advised!! They will have you dancing from start to finish….

Sa-Ra Listening Party

Because it’s April and we are supposed to celebrate Spring! Ok well I’m just happy to be a part of the Listening Party for Sa-Ra’s upcoming release, “The Hollywood Recordings”. You can peep them online but until the release and if you are in Detroit, come down to the RenSoul 6th Anniversary Smoke Out and peep the first hour or so with straight Sa-Ra cuts by DJ K Fresh. We will be dropping goodies so get there early. Northern Lights Lounge on Friday, April 20th… for more details, peep the Fusicology site.

Post WMC Wrap Up

Although it is April 6th and I have been bombared with this unfortunate series of events called Mother Nature vs. Old Man Winter, I still have had my fair share of summer this Winter/Spring/Fall season.  For those from Michigan, you know what I am referring to.

I have been quite busy since my return from South Beach, Miami but I had to take some time out and share my escapades with everyone.  First of all, I’d like to thank the ladies of Fusicology for making this conference a much needed fix.  For those who have been to the WMC you know what I mean.  If you don’t, please tune in below.

It has been quite a while since I’ve looked at things from a DJ’s point of view.  For those who tune into my podcast, it may seem that most know me.  I’ll start by saying that as of now (yes it usually changes quite often) I am indulging in the promotions side of the game…again.  However, being in Miami reminded me of how much I really FEEL music. 

I did not arrive until Thursday evening and still decided to rest because I knew that I’d hit the ground running for the rest of my time there….and I did.

BMP Magazine and Sapporo Beer hosted a two day V.I.P. gifting suite in South Beach and we were invited to partake in the goodies.  When we arrived to the mansion we had no idea how fly it was inside.  Each floor hosted one or two vendors and their product give aways.  DSL 55, Kangol, K-Swiss, Mavi Jeans are just a few.  I am sure we missed the first day’s goodies but needless the say the view from the bedroom was amazing.  If I could wake up and see the ocean every morning, I’d smile a litte bit more than I already do.

Mansion Ocean View 

After a few minutes I started to awake from my gazing dazing and realized that Giles Peterson was in the room and unfortunately he lost his luggage in his travels.  He was preoccupied with getting fly kicks from K-Swiss.  Soon thereafter, Louie Vega and his wife Anane and child, Jazzy Jeff, Terry Hunter and Kenny Dope came by the suite while we were rounding out our vist.

Big ups to the K-Swiss reps… don’t forget about us ladies next time!

We then headed over to the Marlin hotel to peep the Jump N Funk party with DJs Rich Medina and Ron Trent.  Ok let me make this very clear because this is about a serious and I can be…. let’s take NYC’s Jump N Funk and add Chicago’s Africa Hi-Fi and multiply Afrobeats, Deep and Sexy House with a full dancefloor and the square root of extreme liberation through dance and you still cannot even come close to describing Jump N Funk.

I was a little overwhelmed with the heat but amazed with the fact that I was watching a walking mix cd/podcast.  This party was blessed with W.L. Ellington, Russell Taylor, Jaguar Wright, King Britt, Malena Perez, Vikter Duplaix and I am sure there was much more and they were there for the vibe not to perform.  I have to say this was one of the best moments in Miami.

Afterwards we headed to the Stones Throw party at the Raliegh hotel.  Oh did I mention Fusicology sponsored 12 parties in 5 days??!?!  Anyhow, off to Hella International hosted by Stones Throw and this was an outdoor joint.  If you’ve ever wondered what the ocean was like by a pool, this party had it.  It did get kind of cold but I loved the line up and real Hip Hop keeps me warm inside anyway.   Stones Throw did a lovely job with bringing on Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, J.Rocc, A-Trak, Busy P & Dj Mehdi, Benji B, Karriem Riggins, Egon + Haycock & Strong.  For all of you Dilla fans who are from Detroit, I have to give LA a very close 2nd in how they loved Dilla.  I’d have to say that I felt like I was almost back in the D for a few moments.

I had to eat! So we added about six others to the crew and headed over to the Victor hotel for the Art of Seduction party hosted by King Britt & Vikter Duplaix…but only after FOOD!  We headed up to the rooftoop for the show and I was pleasantly suprised with the flow of the party.  King Britt  and Vikter Duplaix would do a 15 minute set each and then Clara Hill or Malena Perez would rotate and perform a song between each set.  I hope that made sense.  Anyhow, the crowed loved it.  We stuck around for an hour or so and off to our last party for the night… Co-Op.

It’s crazy! As soon as we walked through the door at Jazid I cannot explain how and why I placed my pocketbook down and commenced to dancing for an hour non-stop.  My poor feet, legs, hips and eyelashes. Yeah I said it, it all hurt the next morning! LOL  We had the pleaure of hearing the sounds of IG Culture, Afronaught and Daz-I-Kue which pretty much kept us dancing and vibing until 4:30 a.m. 

I have a favorite set of DJs who produce and usually I make sure their tracks get heavy rotation in my podcasts and they were all in the line up for the Bembe party.  The line up included Rich Medina, Carlos Mena, DJ Spinna, Osunlade and Karizma.  I refuse to try to describe set outside of the fact that this was an indoor/outdoor bbq and it rained most of the time.  I actually got the chance to see Malena Perez and Osunlade hug for the first time.  It seems they never shared the same space until Bembe and she recorded “Praise The Day” produced by Osunlade on her “Stars” release in 2006.  ….another WMC dope moment.  Regardless of the horrible weather, people still packed the spot and enjoyed the vibes.  Again, this was one of those “you had to be there” moments.

The rain kind of ruined my outdoor party moves on Saturday until the evening and we were back at the Raliegh hotel for the Rocketscience party hosted by Wa-Jeed and Ge-ology. Ok either I was a little tired or something but Bushwick Bill rolled up on stage with us at the spot.  BANANAS!  Even though the rain damped this turn out, the funk records flowed.  I did not get the chance to downtown to the Aquabooty party but I hear it was a blast. I did not feel like spending a ton of money on a cab so I missed Osunlade LIVE… I was a little tired from all the ripping and running.

We headed to the Raw Fusion party over at Jazid.  (You see the pattern of where the hot parties where?! lol)  Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire, Markus Enochson, Simbad, Lil’ Tony, label head Mad Mats, US label rep DJ Scribe, Amon on percussion joined by Baltimore’s own Karizma and Daz-I-Kue from Bugz in the Attic were in the spot.  That night was a blur but I did appreciate the back rub from Vikter. A sista was worn out. 

….sleep in
….beach time
Rich Medina & King Britt’s farewell Philly party at the Marlin. It was packed!  I got the chance to bid my good-bye’s and to everyone I ran into over the weekend because it seemed as if they were all there. 

Asya & I .... It's a Fusicology Thing...

If you’ve never been to the Winter Music Conference and you are a music lover, this is a trip you’d want to experience at least once.  My intentions were to get a few guests for my show and it did not end up that way because of the madness but other ventures were started and established. 

Again I’d like to give a huge shout to EVERYONE and I know it’s vague but that weekend was a serious blur because we moved from spot to spot meeting and greeting.  For the up-to-date Fusicology blog, peep our posting.

NinaMorena – Deep Soul Sessions 1.26.07

Deep Soul Sessions – Nina Morena
Jan. 26, 2007

Pastaboys f. Wunmi – Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
Osunlade f. Nadira Shakoor – Just A Breath Away (Franck Roger Remix)
Bah Samba – Tired Little One (Yoruba Soul Vocal)
Jimpster – Square Up (Original Mix)
Tiger Stripes – White Bug (Original Mix)
Lathun ft. India Arie – Love Came In (Quentin Harris Vocal)
Louie Vega f. Blaze – Elements Of Life (Quintero Beats)
Studio Apartment – Landscape
Bah Samba f. Isabel Fructuoso – Calma (Quentin Harris Re-production)
ISoul8 – On My Heart (Original Mix)
ISoul8 f. Nedra – Dream (Vox Remix)
Gamat 3000 – The Night Before (Freestyle Man Remix)
Shaun Escoffery – Days Like This
Delano Smith f. Diamondancer – A Message For The DJ
Lisa Shaw – Born To Fly (Jay’s Naked Dub)
Reel People – You Used To Hold Me Tight (Phil Ashers Restless Soul Vocal Mix)
Black Joy – Moustache (Franck Roger Remix)

NinaMorena – Soul Sessions 01.08.2007

..::Deep Soul Sessions::..

January 8, 2007

Stephanie Cooke – Love Will
Ananda Project – Secrets
Club Session – Don’t Move (Jon Cutler’s Distant Vocal Mix)
Osunlade f. Maiya James – Same Thing (Vocal Mix)
Linn – Available (Rasmus Faber Remix)
Black Joy – Moustache (Franck Roger Remix)
Dubtribe Sound System – Autosoul ( Rasmus Faber Club Mix )
Louie Vega presents Mayu – Stretch My Arms (Mr.V’s Dub)
Amma – On My Own (Andy Caldwell Mix)
KneeDeep f. Sharlene Hector – Take Me By the Hand (Kneedeep Original Mix)
Soul Creation f. Kimara Lovelace – The Magic Of Love (Original)
Luther Vandross – Apologize (Quentin Harris Remix)
Franck Rodger & Olivier Portal f. Chris Wonder – Me Myself & I (Vox)
Angie Stone – I Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Blaze Main Vocal Remix)
Alix Alvarez – Flute Juice
Bah Samba – Tired Little One (Yoruba Soul Vocal)
Bah Samba – Doober (Casamena Living Room Remix)