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I need to speak my peace!

Jill Scott Photos…

Well as promised, here are the five, yes I said five decent shots from the Jill Scott show on Thursday night.  Even though I was a part of the media, it was quite difficult to snap pictures.  Needless to say, I did my best. 


The Jill Scott Experience….

6/21/07 [tag]Jill Scott[/tag] – Detroit, MI 

We all got the sense that she was going to be something more than great. We had the pleasure of experiencing her in many ways before we laid eyes on her or at least caught a glimpse of her singing over The Roots tracks. We had the pleasure of finding out her name was J-I-L-L-S-C-O-T-Tttttttttttttttttt….. Jill Scott Representing North Philly! Or we called her Jilly From Philly. The Black Lily shows, $15 shows at your local underground spot, the conversations or debates over who was better, Erykah or Jill?! The polls always put them at a dead tie because everyone looks to Jill for that “something” and we can say the same about Badu.

Jill sang to a packed house at Detroit’s Chene Park Amphitheater along the waterfront last night. The view was amazing and I am sure she felt a rush after seeing the setting and her crowd awaiting after Detroit’s own Dwele was the set up man for the evening. She introduced a few new tracks from her upcoming summer realease, [tag]The Real Thing [/tag]and seemed to welcome the warm reception to her upcoming project.

With that being said, I loved the show but there was something missing. She did not banter with the crowd as much as she has been known to and I do not recall her leaving her stance unless she was conducting the band to their respective solos. The reminants of Jilly from Philly were there but I think she got lost on the way to the show. Maybe I’m a harsh critic, maybe it was the vibe she caught or maybe Jill is going through a tough moment. I, like many others, have been spoiled many times in the past and that is what we have to go on. However, I admire the fact that she is laying it all out on the line and doing what she does best, S-I-N-G! I’d still pay top dollar to enjoy her melodic therapy for what we like to call, life.

There was a particular show she gave and between every song there was a story. That story lead to an understanding. Which ultimately lead to me internalizing her thoughts and feelings as to what I was going through at the moment….so I could relate. I am positive that the other 4,499 people in that room took away the same feeling as I did.

That’s what made me love her music.

Last night, I felt something different. Maybe her career is shifting and I do hope it is for the best. After her set, she left to the backstage area for around twenty minutes and was escorted away by a myriad of security guards. I did not get the chance to get any media shots due to her quick flight, but I am greatful that she was here and blessed us with her presence.

Thank you J-I-L-L-S-C-O-T-T…representin’ North Philly yall…


[tag]The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours: The Poetry of Jill Scott[/tag]

[tag]Collaborations – 2007 [/tag]

The “taster” project to her upcoming release, The Real Thing

[tag]Beautifly Human[/tag]

Her wonderfly composed sophmore LP…


…Jill Scott Live and a bonus cd with rare trax…

[tag]Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1[/tag]

….the reason we got hooked lol

Deep Soul Sessions – Memorial Day Madness

As promised, the latest installment of Deep Soul Sessions.  Right from the start I promise you’ll feel the urge to dance.  In the second hour a tribute to Detroit’s own Quentin Harris.  You can stream this podcast using the Underground Fusion Podcast portal or download it here by right clicking the link and saving the target link.

..::Deep Soul Sessions – Memorial Day Madness ’07::..

Gaelle – Repitition
Soul Creation f/Misu – Sueno En Ti (Original Mix)
Cerca De Mi – Louie Vega (Shelter Ritual)
Treena Rose – Tell Me All About it (Main Vocal Mix)
Osunlade f/Maiya James – Same Thing (Vocal Mix)
Anane & MR V – Move Bounce Shake (Roots Mix)
Bah Samba f/The Fatback Band – Let The Drums Speak [Phil Asher’s
Restless Soul Mix]
Quentin Harris Hour
Studio Apartment f/Terrance Downs – We Are Lonely (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix)
Leela James – My Joy (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix)
Donnie – Cloud 9 (Quentin Harris Shelter Mix)
Atelewo – New Day (Quentin Harris Mix)
Femi Kuti – Traitors Of Africa (Quentin Harris Shelter Vocal)
Joi Cardwell – What It Feels Like (Quentin Harris’ Main Mix)
Lathun ft. India Arie – Love Came In (Quentin Harris Vocal)
Luther Vandross – Apologize (Quentin Harris Remix)
Quentin Harris – Sunny (Instrumental)

Officially Live!

…the truth is, the site has been live since February and I’ve been toying with a few ideas.  I’d rather just get it out there now and watch it grow.

What have I been doing?! A lot! I know that’s vague but at this point, I do not know where to start.  Don’t worry, Deep Soul Sessions still has a lot left in the tank.  I promise to follow up this evening with my Memorial Day Mix.  In the meantime, I’ve been toying with ideas to make this site more than just a Podcast Portal.  The plan is to make the site more interactive.

Deeper Soul Sessions!!
The idea came from listening to Osunlade’s Yoruba Radio podcast.  He went to his crates and dropped some amazing blends of music outside of what we are use to hearing from him.  I have a few personal mixes and/or creative playlists that I’d like to share that are outside of the normal house mixes and they will be displayed on this site as well. I am excited about sharing.  If you have any suggestions, please share.  I did one about a year ago which was quite suggestive but it’s for the Grown & Sexy.

Uh click here…

I will not be responsible for anything!! Oh do not blast at work…. not work safe! lol

Deeper Soul Sessions will not be on that level but it’ll flow. 🙂

I am exciting about sharing this with everyone…. until then, please share your feedback!! Enjoy the “What’s In My Rotation” post along with the “Flashback Mixes”…


Flashback! I Love Old iMixes….

My brother recently called me and asked for another copy of the last mix cd I dropped, “Red Eye Flight”.  This was back in 2005!! So I may get a few moments and do one per his request for this year…in the meantime, I’d love to share it with some of my newer listeners.  I think this is when I decided to transition into a two hour show… enjoy!

Nina Morena’s Red Eye Flight 1.7.06 [Right Click…Save As To Download]

Arabesque (Vocal Version) – Micatone & Nicola Conte Vocals by Lisa Bassenge
I Might Do Something Wrong – Tortured Soul
I Want You (Redsoul Remix) – Erykah Badu
Tania (New Mix) – Harry Choo Choo
Da Sambafrique – Nick Holder
Calma (Louie Vega Remix) – Bah Samba f/Isabel Fructuoso
Like A Butterfly (You Send Me) [Masters At Work Remix] – Patty Austin
Nice To See You (Osulande Remix) – Lascivious
Do What You Know (Mario Fabrini & Oliver Demset Remix) – Vibezselect
Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust f/Daftpunk
Flight – Studio Apartment f/Monique Bingham