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Deep Soul Sessions 11/5/07

I’m glad to present the latest installment of Deep Soul Sessions. First, I’d like to thank all of the feedback from the last podcast, “Nuff Said”. With the feedback came quite a bit of requests and I tried my best to get them added to this show along with new material. There are a ton of new releases that I haven’t added but I hope to the next-go-round.

The website had a few minor updates that had to be addressed. The RSS feed has been fixed so please do subscribe. Also, Deep Soul Sessions will be posted on iTunes by the end of the week. The actual mp3 has theID3 tags with artwork and the actual track listing embedded. The download button will now be larger than life so everyone can see it along with instructions on how to save it. Thanks for the feedback/suggestions.

Now Your Calling (Original Mix) – Mellow Madness
Fanga Remixes (Abicah Soul Mix) – Hillary Sargeant
Dream feat. Nedra – Isoul8 Vox Remix – Moses McClean
Serenity – Franck Roger
Me Myself & I (Vox) – Frank Roger & Olivier Portal feat. Chris Wonder
One Day (Main Mix) – Melchyor A
Blue On Black EP (Central Souls) – Office Gossip
Sunny (Instrumental) – Quentin Harris
Morning Light (Secrets) – Ananda Project
Heaven (Marlon D & Groove Assassins Remix) (Marlon D & G.A. Mix) – Kem
Night Song – Sandboy and Nanar (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Take Good Care (Of Me) (Franck Roger Remix) – Arnold Jarvis
Elle (Original Mix) – DJ Gregory
Find A Way (Jay J’s Moulton Mix) – Solidarity
And I Know It (Dub) – Restless Soul feat. Zansika
One True Love (Original Mix) – Studio Apartment Feat Stephanie Cooke
Salif Keita Ft. Osunlade – Moussoulou (yoruba soul mix)
Can’t Get Away (blaze mix) – Mood II Swing

Download the latest Deep Soul Sessions 11.05.07 here!
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Deep Soul Sessions – Nuff Said

Finally as promised the new installment of Deep Soul Sessions. I am going to let the music do the talking on this one 🙂 But as promised, here is the tracklisting for this podcast:

Tudo Que Voca Podia Ser – Nomumbah
Praise The Day – Malena Perez
On My Heart (Original Mix) – Isoul8
You belong to me (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix) – Kenny Bobien
Leela James – my joy (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix)
Mozalounge – Louie Vega Feat Anane
Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo (Louie Vega EOL Mix) Luisito Quintero
Elements Of Life (Quintero Beats) – Louie Vega Feat. Blaze
Amazing Love (Roots Mix) – Louie Vega Pres Anane
Find The Way (Main Vocal Mix) – Ethan White & Lisa Shaw
Blue On Black EP (Central Souls) – Office Gossip
If You Only (Rasmus Faber Remix) – Chieko Kinbara
Sandboy and Nanar (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Night Song EP
Mesmerized (Alix Alvarez Dub Mix) – Miguel Migs
Love Can Damage Your Health (Abicah Soul & Dennis Ferrer Remix) – Telepopmusik
Dont (CASAMENA Remixes) (Backyard Remix) – Monday Michiru

You can download the podcast from this link by right clicking it and saving the mp3 file or just clicking it will allow you to stream the file online. Listen and send feedback!

Deep Soul Sessions – Nuff Said

Dedication Podcast – Deep Soul Sessions

In the past I have dropped a straight hour or two of [tag]podcasts[/tag] featuring some of my favorite DJs/Producers:

[tag]Louie Vega[/tag]
[tag]Franck Rogers[/tag]
[tag]Quentin Harris[/tag]
[tag]Rasmus Faber[/tag]

I’ve also been awarded a few new listeners who send a host of requests, I want to know, who would you like to see showcased?  The highest number of votes will get an ultimate [tag]Deep Soul Sessions[/tag] throwdown.

Coming up next, “NUFF SAID”… the [tag]Deep Soul Sessions[/tag] long lost mix that I originally started as the Quentin Harris showcase.  I ended up doing it again but with a whole new first hour playlist, which is what you got as the “Memorial Day Madness” mix.  This one is right out of the gate bangin….


If You Were A DJ…

I recently suffered the loss of my grandmother who was extremely close to me. She had been suffering from dementia for eight years and after further research on this disease, I realized that she had lived around the average lifespan associated with that disease. I felt like my world was coming down on me until I started playing music a few nights after she died. It was almost 2:30 in the morning before I retired for the night. I then realized, as a DJ, how music can effect everyone differently.

I ended up on a road trip to Chicago recently and on the way back to Detroit, we listened to about three cd’s it changed the mood of the whole trip. Again music can be the catalyst for so many emotions, so I got to thinking, if you were a DJ, what would you play?

If at this very moment you were behind the table and you have to play a song that described what you were feeling, what would it be?

Today…it would be …Beautiful – India.Aire 

Jill Scott Photos…

Well as promised, here are the five, yes I said five decent shots from the Jill Scott show on Thursday night.  Even though I was a part of the media, it was quite difficult to snap pictures.  Needless to say, I did my best.