Day: July 17, 2007

If You Were A DJ…

I recently suffered the loss of my grandmother who was extremely close to me. She had been suffering from dementia for eight years and after further research on this disease, I realized that she had lived around the average lifespan associated with that disease. I felt like my world was coming down on me until I started playing music a few nights after she died. It was almost 2:30 in the morning before I retired for the night. I then realized, as a DJ, how music can effect everyone differently.

I ended up on a road trip to Chicago recently and on the way back to Detroit, we listened to about three cd’s it changed the mood of the whole trip. Again music can be the catalyst for so many emotions, so I got to thinking, if you were a DJ, what would you play?

If at this very moment you were behind the table and you have to play a song that described what you were feeling, what would it be?

Today…it would be …Beautiful – India.Aire